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Progress and Poverty (1879)  

This classic bestseller in political economy launched a worldwide movement for the abolition of privilege and poverty -- by eliminating the root cause, land monopoly. Ever since the publication of Progress and Poverty, advocates of liberty and justice have responded to its clarion call: "To abolish all taxation save that upon land values. Today, as policy-makers around the world consider ways to fairly and efficiently allocate access to Earth's precious resources, Progress and Poverty takes on new and increasing relevance.

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Henry George's Progress And Poverty
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Social Problems (1883)

"The progress of civilization requires that more and more intelligence be devoted to social affairs, and this not the intelligence of the few, but that of the many. We cannot safely leave politics to politicians, or political economy to college professsors. The people themselves must think, because the people alone can act." (Social Problems, Chapter I, "The Increasing Importance of Social Questions".) Many readers consider this collection of twenty-two essays to be the best introduction to the ideas of Henry George.

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Online Shorter Works by Henry George
Causes of Business Depression Henry George's contribution to the New York periodical, Once a Week, March 6, 1894
Land and Taxation A conversation between David Dudley Field and Henry George, first published in the "North American Review", July, 1885.
The Land for the People An address delivered on July 11, 1889, in Toomebridge, County Derry, Ireland
Ode to Liberty Henry George's celebrated Fourth of July Oration delivered in San Francisco, 1877.
Progress and Poverty (condensed) Key passages from George's classic that present the essentials of his thesis. Selected and edited by James L. Busey (1968).
Scotland and Scotsmen An Address Delivered on February 18, 1884
in the City Hall, Glasgow, Scotland. "There is no natural reason for poverty."
The Single Tax: What It Is and Why We Urge It An article published in The Christian Advocate in 1890 and thereafter reprinted in various magazines in the United Stated and England.
"Thy Kingdom Come" A sermon delivered on Sunday, April 28, 1889, in the City Hall, Glasgow, Scotland.
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