How to Apply for Funding

The foundation seeks individuals to carry out projects that are related to our mission. We are particularly interested in research and policy-related projects that will reveal new connections between the principles of Henry George and intellectual debates and policy issues.

For a partial list of the areas of research that interest us, please see the links at our philosophy History, Sociology and urban planning, Development studies, Critical theory, Philosophy and jurisprudence, Political theory, and Economics.

For a partial list of policy-oriented projects please see the links at our philosophy to Property tax issues, Natural resources and the environment, Fiscal policy, Intellectual property and the commons, Poverty, and International Development.

We welcome proposals related to ideas and issues other than those in the lists mentioned above. If you have an idea for a small research or policy project that corresponds with our principles, please send a brief description of the issue you propose to [email protected]

Please include your phone number so we can call to discuss your idea with you.

If you don’t hear from us within ten days, please call 800-269-9555 and leave a message for the program director.

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