Assorted online Pamphlets

AndelsonRobertA Georgist Rejoinder to Hayek2000
AndelsonRobertEarth is the Lord’s2007
AndelsonRobertSingle-Tax Limited in Abu Dhabi1997
AyauManuelFiring Line: For Central America: A Radical Prescription1986
BonaparteT.H.Henry George impact on International Trade1985
BonaparteT.H.Henry George Impact Relevance Today1985
BreckenfeldGurneyHigher Taxes That Promote Development1983
BryantLyle C.Rosslyn: A Case Study In Urban Renewal1967
BuseyJamesProgreso y Miseria Abreviada por Busey
ClancyRobertA Word With You (note large file)
ClancyRobertEthics of democracy
CordStephenEthics of Land reform: Smith, Marx, George1985
CottlerJosephPrinter & The Riddle, the Story of Henry George1936
CurtisMikeImmigration Paradox
DanielsRudolphAgrarian Land Question in South Africa (2 Articles )1987
DaviesLindyPathological Production
de MilleAgnes GeorgeWho was Henry George1979
EwingC. J.Economics of Moses1930
FlahertyJohnMotivating the Managerial Mind1985
FreundWilliamManaging Human Resources1982
GaffneyMasonEconomics in support of environmentalism1994
GaffneyMasonNew Life in Old Cities2014
GaffneyMasonHow to thaw credit2008
GaffneyMasonGreat Crash of 20082008
GaffneyMasonGeorge, McGlynn & Pope Leo XIII1997
GenoveseFrankHenry George & Labor Unions1985
GeorgeHenryLand for the People
GeorgeHenryLand & Taxation: Conversation with D.D. Field1885
George Jr.HenryJefferson & the Land Question1904
GihringThomasIncentive Property Taxation & Urban Growth Management1999
Gunnison BrownHenryThis Precious Piece Of Villainy1950s
HarrissLowellTaxation: Today’s Lessons from Henry George1985
HarrissLowellReducing Tax Obstacles To Economic Progress
HarrissLowellHow To Bring The High Cost Of Housing Back in Reach
HartzokAlannaEarth Belongs to Everyone2000
HartzokAlannaFinancing Planet Management1995
HaslagJosephHow to Replace the Earnings Tax in Kansas City2007
HeiligBrunoWhy The German Republic Fell1938
HudsonMichaelLost Tradition of Biblical Debt Cancellation1993
HudsonMichaelThe New Road To Serfdom2006
JespersenJosephWhat is Property
KatzenbergerAlfredProgress and Poverty: A Synopsis
KellyJohnNew Barbarians2011
LissnerWillOn the Centenary Of Progress and Poverty1979
LucasFrankCan Taxation Be Constructive1956
MantellHenry George Continuing Relevance1982
McEachranFrankHenry George & Karl Marx1936
McGlynnRev. Dr.The Land Question (a dispute over Catholic doctrine)1892
MeyerPeterLand Rush1978
NockAlbert JayHenry George: Unorthodox American1933
PrenticePerryImprovements should be taxed less and land more1969
PrenticeP.I.This is our land millions of miles of it1960
RobertsJamesProgress And Poverty’s Continuing Challenge1971
RSFUptaxing Land Would Be Fairer
SchwartzmanJackHenry George & Rerurn Novarum1994
ScrofaniRobertEconomics for a peaceful planet1982
SmileyDavidThird World Intervention2000
StarrRogerFiring Line: Has New York Let Us Down?1985
SullivanDanAre you a Real Libertarian or a Royal Libertarian1998
ZwickMark and LouiseDistributism



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