Entries by Josie Faass

Leaning In

As I start writing this, it’s 6:06 a.m.  I’ve been at my computer since 4:37am, buzzing between emails and updating our website, filling in my calendar with Zoom meetings and rearranging the sticky notes that line my computer monitor as … Read the rest

Hunkering Down

It seems like we live in a different world than we did when I wrote to you all just last month.  The markets have been fluctuating wildly, leaving even the professionals unsure of what comes next.  We’ve all become (perhaps … Read the rest

Marching On

It’s March and we’re “marching on” – get it? Okay, apologies for the terrible pun. But seriously, there is quite a bit going on here these days.

First, the program updates. Work continues on the interactive GIS map we’re creating … Read the rest