The Path to Economic Equity

Do not expect justice where might is right – Plato

Children have no filter.  They automatically demand their “fair share”, usually at the tops of their lungs. Adults typically comply immediately, acknowledging this universal law among children.

But, the notion … Read the rest

Toward a Green and Pleasant Land

Even victors are by victory undone. — John Dryden

“Mission Accomplished,” said President George “W” Bush, with reference to the effortless United States military subjugation of Iraq. Of course, it was a pyrrhic victory. Conflict, bloodshed and instability continue in … Read the rest

Rebuilding After Riots

The two weeks after a Minneapolis Police Department officer killed (and three others charged in killing) George Floyd, it feels like the summer of 1914 in fast forward. A single death cascaded into nationwide protests, arson, looting, police attacks on … Read the rest