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What is Rent?

The current attitudes toward government and its accompanying fiscal malaise can be explained in good part by the groundswell of resentment people feel about paying taxes. The dilemma has its roots, I believe, in the economic paradigm dominating public thought and discourse for the past… Read More »What is Rent?

Remembering Pat Aller

Pat Aller was a pillar of the Georgist movement for the past 40 years.  Many will remember her, above all, for her generosity in providing free accommodations at “Hotel Aller,” floor space in a tiny efficiency on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  She once… Read More »Remembering Pat Aller

Marching On

It’s March and we’re “marching on” – get it? Okay, apologies for the terrible pun. But seriously, there is quite a bit going on here these days. First, the program updates. Work continues on the interactive GIS map we’re creating that will enable anyone, anywhere… Read More »Marching On