A Fertile Mind

For 70 years, trailblazing economist Mason Gaffney ’48 has championed land over capital.

By Mamie Stevenson ’12 | December 7, 2018

Mason Gaffney

Photo by Kendrick Brinson

Mason Gaffney ’48 is a cowboy. Known for his weathered Stetson, genteel swagger, and comprehensive understanding of American terrain, he has ridden outside the herd of mainstream economists for the better part of the last century, arguing that the discipline’s traditional emphasis on capital and commerce is a tragic mistake.

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Rent of land

Henry George proposed that the rent of land should be paid to the community. This payment would satisfy the equal rights of all other members of the community — without disturbing individual title to land, fixity of tenure and undisturbed possession. This method of making land “common property” may also be called “conditional private property in land” (payment of rent to the community) as opposed to “absolute private property in land” (private collection of rent).