Dr. Robert V. Andelson

We were saddened by the sudden and unexpected passing of our colleague and friend, Dr. Robert V. Andelson, on November 8, 2003. We remember and honor Bob’s many years of dedicated service as a member of our board of directors; his insightful work as an author, editor, and critic; his commitment to Georgist scholarship, advocacy, and publishing; his devotion to clarity of thought; his appreciation for its expression in good writing; his genuine kindness toward his colleagues and friends, Foundation members and staff; and, most especially, his loving companionship with his wife Bonny. Throughout the ups and downs of his life, Bob was a steadfast and dignified Southern gentleman. He wrote and spoke on the theme, “The Earth Is the Lord’s”, and he lived his life with the same faith that he, too, is the Lord’s. We give thanks for his life and for the way in which he touched our lives. Our sincere condolences go out to Bonny and to all who will miss Bob during this time of grief and also for many years to come.

Robert Andelson was Vice-President of the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, and had been a board member since 1986. He was also Immediate Past President of the International Union for Land-Value Taxation & Free Trade; Distinguished Research Fellow, American Institute for Economic Research, Great Barrington, Massachusetts. He also served on the board of The American Journal of Economics and Sociology. He was a member of the Henry George Institute, Common Ground USA, and the Council of Georgist Organizations.

Bob Andelson was born in Los Angeles on February 19, 1931. He was ordained a minister of Congregational Christian Church in 1959, and received his Ph.D. from the University of Southern California in 1960. He taught government, philosophy, and religion at colleges in Louisiana, Wisconsin and California. He was executive director, Henry George School of Social Science, San Diego, CA, 1959-62. He joined the Philosophy Department of Auburn University, Auburn AL in 1965, became full profession in 1973, and emeritus in 1992.

Dr. Andelson was author, co-author, or editor of many works:Imputed Rights: An Essay in Christian Social Theory (U. of Georgia Press, 1971); Critics of Henry George (Fairleigh Dickinson U. Press, 1979); Commons Without Tragedy (Shepheard Walwyn/Barnes & Noble, 1991); From Wasteland to Promised Land: Liberation Theology for a Post-Marxist World (Orbis/Shepheard Walwyn, 1992); Land-Value Taxation Around the World (2nd Edition, Schalkenbach, 1997, and 3rd Edition, Blackwell, 2000); and the forthcoming two-volume Critics of Henry George, Revised 2nd Edition, Blackwell). Several of these are available from our on-line bookstore at Publications on this website. Dr. Andelson also wrote many articles and monographs including “The Earth Is the Lord’s” (1978) and “Henry George and the Reconstruction of Capitalism” (1994), both of which can be found in the Library on this website.

Robert V. Andelson married Bonny Orange Johnson in 1964, with whom he shared his life until his passing. He will be greatly missed.

Works by Robert V. Andelson

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