For Educators

Learn about LVT and the ideas of Henry George

The ideas of Henry George have virtually limitless applications in today's world - from the long-recognized benefits of Land Value Tax (LVT), to what they tell us about addressing critical challenges such as climate change, which were unheard of in George's day. Recognizing this, RSF is committed to ensuring that these ideas are shared as widely as possible, and welcomes opportunities to support learning, both inside and outside the classroom.

For Educators

Are you committed to sharing the ideas of Henry George with students inside our outside of the classroom, or just looking to explores ways in which these ideas could be incorporated into your existing curriculum?  

Take a moment to explore the educational resources available here.

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For Students

Bringing fresh eyes to old ideas is one of the best ways to determine their relevancy in an ever-changing world.  Whether you want to focus on the history of the Georgist movement or are motivated to explore their applications to new and modern problems, RSF can provide resources in support of your efforts.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a town run according to the principles expounded by Henry George?  In Arden, Delaware, residents do just that: they own their homes, but not the land on which their homes are built, and work collectively to make decisions that affect their community. This video gives a taste of what life in Arden is all about.

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