People from a wide range of points of view have embraced Henry George’s ideas over the years.

What follows is a collection of short pieces:

William F. Buckley “Firing Line” transcripts –
FIRING LINE: For Central America: A Radical Prescription
FIRING LINE: Has New York Let Us Down?

William F. Buckley, in an interview with Brian Lamb, C-Span Book Notes, April 2000
Henry George and the Single-Tax

William F. Buckley – Home, Dear Home (2005) –
RealClearPolitics Commentary

Michael Kinsley – George on My Mind (1989)
From the New York Post, 24 October, 1989

Michael Kinsley – The Obscure Economist Silicon Valley Billionaires Should Dump Ayn Rand For
From Vanity Fair, October, 2017

John Dewey — An Appreciation of Henry George,
The introduction to a 1928 book entitled “Significant Paragraphs from Progress and Poverty” (38 pages)

Jill Lepore – Forget 9-9-9. Here’s a Simple Plan: 1
NY Times Opinion, October, 2011

Peter Orzag — To Fight Inequality, Tax Land Opinion Article, March, 2015

The Economist — Why Henry George Had a Point (2015), April, 2015

Noah Smith — Piketty’s Three Big Mistakes (2015) Opinion Article, March, 2015

Tim Worstall — Contra Piketty It’s Not a Wealth Tax We Need But a Land Value Tax (2015) Opinion Article, March, 2015

Fred E. Foldvary – The Ultimate Tax Reform: Public Revenue from Land Rent

  • In Brief: “The Ultimate Tax Reform” paired with “How to Implement Land-Value Taxation
    2 page document
  • “The Ultimate Tax Reform: Public Revenue from Land Rent
    4 page summary
  • “The Ultimate Tax Reform: Public Revenue from Land Rent
    36 page policy study

Chrystia Freeland — The Problem of Plutocrats: What a 19th-Century Economist Can Teach Us About Today’s Capitalism
Huffington Post, December, 2012

Edward T. O’Donnell — Why Henry George Matters
Oxford University Press Blog, November, 2015

Richard Florida: The Real Role of Land Values in the United States
Bloomberg CityLab, April, 2015

Richard Florida: Fixing the New Urban Crisis
Bloomberg CityLab, May, 2017

Richard Florida: The Staggering Value of Urban Land
Bloomberg CityLab, November, 2017

Richard Florida: What’s Manhattan’s Land Worth? Try ‘Canada’s Entire GDP,
Bloomberg CityLab, April, 2018

Glen Weyl: “The Very Structure of Capitalism is Inherently Monopolistic, May, 2018

Eric Posner and Glen Weyl: The Real Villain Behind Our New Gilded Age
New York Times Opinion Article, May, 2018

Mark J. Perry: Henry George: The Man Who Wrote Milton Friedman’s Favorite Book on Trade
The Foundation for Economic Education, October, 2018

Jim Powell: Milton Friedman’s Favorite Book on Trade (2016),, June, 2016

Milton Friedman: Good Wealth, Bad Wealth (1981),
Newsweek, p. 58, August, 1981

Milton Friedman, on taxing land values (1978),

J. W. Bengough — “A Poem of Political Economy” and “Restitution
From The Collected Works of Milton Friedman

Lizzie Magie — The Landlord’s Game (1902)
A Description of the Game

Here are some longer articles:

Weld Carter, An Introduction to Henry George:

Robert Andelson — Henry George and the Reconstruction of Capitalism
Essay from 1994

Gems from George: The Economics and Philosophy of Henry George (1839-1897): Being Memorable Passages from His Writings and Addresses —

Clarence Darrow, Henry George
Address at the Henry George Anniversary Dinner of the Single Tax Club, 1913

Nic Tideman, Peace, Justice and Economic Reform
From The 1997 Henry George Lecture

Harry Gunnison Brown’s Significant Paragraphs from Progress and Poverty by Henry George