People from a wide range of points of view have embraced Henry George’s ideas over the years.
What follows is a collection of short pieces:

William F. Buckley “Firing Line” transcripts –

William F. Buckley, in an interview with Brian Lamb, C-Span Book Notes, April 2000

William F. Buckley – Home, Dear Home (2005) – link to

Michael Kinsley – George on My Mind (1989)

Michael Kinsley – The Obscure Economist Silicon Valley Billionaires Should Dump Ayn Rand
For (2017, Vanity Fair)

John Dewey — An Appreciation of Henry George,
1927-jan-feb.htm, the introduction to a 1928 book entitled “Significant Paragraphs from
Progress and Poverty” (38 pages)

Jill Lepore – Forget 9-9-9. Here’s a Simple Plan: 1, (1911) sm.html

Peter Orzag — To Fight Inequality, Tax Land — (2015)

The Economist — Why Henry George Had a Point (2015)

Noah Smith — Piketty’s Three Big Mistakes (2015) inequality-analysis[behind a paywall ]

Tim Worstall — Contra Piketty It’s Not a Wealth Tax We Need But a Land Value Tax (2015), we-need-but-a-land-value-tax/#601dfe9b5430

Fred E. Foldvary – The Ultimate Tax Reform: Public Revenue from Land Rent

  • In Brief: “The Ultimate Tax Reform” paired with “How to Implement Land-Value Taxation
    2 page document
  • “The Ultimate Tax Reform: Public Revenue from Land Rent
    4 page summary
  • “The Ultimate Tax Reform: Public Revenue from Land Rent
    36 page policy study

Chrystia Freeland — The Problem of Plutocrats: What a 19th-Century Economist Can Teach Us
About Today’s Capitalism (2012), tml

Lindy Davies — The Top Ten Reasons Why Land is More Important Than Ever,

Edward T. O’Donnell — Why Henry George Matters (2015),

Richard Florida: The Real Role of Land Values in the United States (2015),

Richard Florida: The Difficulties of Density (2016), note: does not mention HG

Richard Florida: Fixing the New Urban Crisis (2017),

Richard Florida: The Staggering Value of Urban Land (2017)

Richard Florida: What’s Manhattan’s Land Worth? Try ‘Canada’s Entire GDP,

Glen Weyl: “The Very Structure of Capitalism is Inherently Monopolistic” (2018)

Eric Posner and Glen Weyl: The Real Villain Behind Our New Gilded Age (2018),

Mark J. Perry: Henry George: The Man Who Wrote Milton Friedman’s Favorite Book on Trade (2018),

Jim Powell: Milton Friedman’s Favorite Book on Trade (2016),
[behind a paywall, but what’s visible is fine!]

Milton Friedman: Good Wealth, Bad Wealth (1981),

Milton Friedman, on taxing land values (1978),

J. W. Bengough — “A Poem of Political Economy” and “Restitution

Lizzie Magie — The Landlord’s Game (1902)

Here are some longer articles

Weld Carter, An Introduction to Henry George:

Robert Andelson — Henry George and the Reconstruction of Capitalism

Gems from George: The Economics and Philosophy of Henry George (1839-1897): Being Memorable Passages from His Writings and Addresses —

Clarence Darrow, Henry George

Nic Tideman, Peace, Justice and Economic Reform (1997) –

Harry Gunnison Brown’s Significant Paragraphs from Progress and Poverty by Henry George