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Robert Schalkenbach Foundation Hires Josephine Faass as Executive Director

Robert Schalkenbach’s Board of Directors is very pleased to announce that it has selected Josephine S. Faass as our new Executive Director. Ms. Faass has a Ph.D. in Urban Planning and Public Policy from Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy at Rutgers University. After working as a researcher, she has spent the last few years in academic administration. She comes to RSF with considerable administrative, development, and management experience, familiarity with policy analysis, and a commitment the foundation’s mission and our vision of world of liberty and equality of opportunity arising from economic, social and environmental justice.

Josie will join RSF as Executive Director on April 22nd, 2019. Most recently serving as the Director of Academic Affairs at the Institute for Advanced Study, she has provided leadership in a diversity of roles, ranging in focus from environmental protection to institutional advancement. Josie learned about land value taxation in her graduate program, and pursued it further to learn about Henry George and the broader policy implications of his philosophy. As Robert Schalkenbach Foundation nears its centenary, Josie looks forward to collaborating closely with the Board to envision an exciting new chapter for this venerated institution, while remaining ever faithful to its founding commitment to support and promote the ideas of Henry George.

Josie replaces RSF’s retiring Administrative Director, Mark Sullivan, who has worked for RSF since 1992. Mark came to RSF having worked for a number of Georgist organizations, including the Council of Georgist Organizations, as Staff and Secretary/Treasurer, and the Henry George School (as librarian, outreach coordinator, class teacher, and newsletter editor) from 1981 to 1992. He became RSF’s Administrative Director in 2004. He was elected as CGO Vice-President in 1994 and later served as President, until 2005. He continues to serve on the board of the Henry George Institute (where he has been for decades) and Common Ground – USA. Mark has been the American Journal of Economics and Sociology Secretary/Treasurer since 2004. RSF is grateful for his years of dedicated service.

These are exciting times for Georgist solutions. The public is increasingly focused on wealth inequality and is looking for solutions. Following the subprime crisis of 2007 and the ensuing recession, policy analysts and the public at large have begun to recognize the role of real estate and land markets in the business cycle and in inequality. Land value taxation and Henry George’s name have appeared with increasing frequency in the mainstream press, including two cover stories in The Economist during 2018. The foundation intends to capitalize on this moment, and will have a growing voice in media and public policy debate surrounding these issues.

Josie may be contacted at [email protected]

We are very pleased to share this important news with you.


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