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Tax Shift
True Cost Economics
True Cost Economics via Green Tax Shift policy is a rapidly emerging new perspective on tax reform which emphasizes the incentive capacity inherent in public finance Alanna Hartzokweb pagePower PointPDF
Earth Rights DemocracyBuilding a World Community of Peace and JusticePresentation Topics Include:

  • The Worldwide Wealth Gap
  • Military Expenditures and Human Needs<
  • Natural Resource Wars &amp; US Foreign Policy
  • Clarifying an Economics of Peace
  • Taxation Policy to Build a World that Works for Everyone
  • Citizen Dividends and Basic Income for All<
  • Earth Rights Democracy &ndash; Local to Global;

by Alanna Hartzok

web pagePower PointPDF
Triple Dip Plus Multiple Benefits of Basic Income Guarantee from Resource Rent
  • Addresses Wealth Gap at Source
  • Affordable Land / Housing
  • Mitigates Boom/Bust Cycle
  • Better Health
  • Eco-Incentives
  • Land/Resource Conflict Resolution Tool
  • Military Budgets < Peace Dividend

by Alanna Hartzok

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Socializing Land Rent, Untaxing ProductionPaper prepared for presentation at the “ANNUAL WORLD BANK CONFERENCE ON LAND AND POVERTY” The World Bank – Washington DC, April 8 – 11, 2013
by Alanna Hartzok
A Tribute to the New Economics of James RobertsonTaking a clear-cut stance on issues involving moral choice, his books as an independent writer and lecturer – including “The Sane Alternative”, a landmark study for the “new economics” movement – have supported practicable measures to promote economic justice, such as monetary reform, basic income and a shift of taxation on to the use of land and other resources.
by Alanna Hartzok
Photographs of
Henry George
If you need a photograph
at a higher resolution contact us.
Slide show
Henry George’s economic
analysis of social inequity
San Francisco Henry George School VideosFall 2007 Wendell Fitzgerald,
President of the Board of the San Francisco Henry George School, examines the profound affect of our real estate and tax systems on each of our lives, liberty, and politics, from George’s perspective.
SongsSing-le Tax
Songs: Georgist songs from the Fourth International Conference to Promote Land Value Taxation and Free TradeTwo PDFs.
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The Georgist NewsThe Georgist News The Georgist
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Homelessness and InequalityCan we apply Christian teachings on ownership to today’s world?
Trinity Episcopal Church 58 South Second Street, Chambersburg December 15, 2013
Presenter: Alanna Hartzok
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