Works by Nic Tideman

Immigration Since people have rights to themselves and all people have equal rights to natural opportunities, nations can justly defend their claims to territory by saying, “Because our citizens have rights to themselves, they have a right to a place where they can express themselves.

International Obligations A nation also has obligations to foreigners as continuing citizens of other nations. ⇒PDF

Money Because people have rights to themselves, they have the right to implement any rules that they wish, within their own nation, regarding money. ⇒PDF

Punishment People have rights to themselves. Criminals are people. Therefore criminals have rights to themselves. To punish a person by physical pain, imprisonment or death is to deny that person’s right to himself. ⇒PDF

Global Economic Justice Humanity is emerging from eons of development during which survival has been promoted both by the ability to grab resources from others and by the ability of groups to cooperate and share natural resources within communities that occupied territorial homelands.

Global Justice Some Mathematics of Administering Intergenerational Global Justice.

World Ownership Self-Ownership, and Equality in Georgist Philosophy: A Reply ⇒PDF

Land value taxation benefits the economy.  Most taxes put brakes on economic activity. Land value taxation  enables the economy to do more with less, achieving every aim with less work and less waste of resources. ⇒PDF


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