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H. William BattThe Compatibility Of Georgist Economics
And Ecological Economics
PDF Presentation at the United States Society for Ecological Economics May 22-24, 2003, Saratoga Springs, New York
H. William BattThe Tax Solution Presented at Cooper Union Foundation Building, Sunday, May 12, 2013 H. William Batt, Ph.D., Henry George School of New York
Clifford Cobb & Jonathan Rowe

How The Income Tax Became A Tax On Labor What was once a tax on very high personal and corporate incomes is becoming a tax on wages

Mike CurtisTax Reform html
Agnes George De MilleWho Was Henry George? Compelling introduction to the 100th Anniversary Edition of Progress and Poverty by the celebrated choreographer who was also Henry George’s granddaughter.
Henry George, Jr.The Life of Henry George Including Photographs
Damon GrossLand and Human Endowments
Kris FederProgress And Poverty Today Introduction to New Abridged Edition, 1997
Fred E. FoldvaryThe Ultimate Tax Reform: Public Revenue from Land Rent Full versionMedium versionshort version
C. Lowell HarrissWho Should Support Property Tax Reform Along Georgist Lines — and Why?
Stephen Meintjes & Michael JacquesThe Trial of Chaka Dlamini An Economic Scenario for the New South Africa

Francis K. Peddle, Ph. D.

Philosophies of Integration: Sun Yat-Sen and Henry George 

Warren Samuels

Henry George’s Challenge To The Economics Profession Contemporary economists questioned George’s status not only out of snobbishness but because he was perceived as unsafe; he raised “dangerous” fundamental issues

Nicolaus Tideman

Global Economic Justice The Shape of a World Inspired by Henry George

Samuel Danziger

Traditional tunes and nursery rhymes with
a Georgist theme.
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