Georgist Journal #133


Edited by Lindy Davies
November 2018

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Since its inception in 1973, the Georgist Journal has given a platform to outstanding voices in the Georgist movement. The journal talks about current issues through the lens of political economy and gives way to scholarly discourse. Here are some of the topics discussed in this issue:

* Parameters of the Climate Change Debate, Cliff Cobb
* Will Cryptos Force Value Capture?, Frank de Jong
* The Ugly Truth of the GOP and Immigration, Jonathan Hall
* By the Way: Seeing the Earth, Lindy Davies

Originally edited by Bob Clancy and published by the International Union for Land Value Taxation, it also became the bloodline of the Henry George Institute, (HGI) and later on adopted by the Council of Georgist Organizations. In 2016, Robert Schalkenbach Foundation joined with HGI to serve as co-publisher of the Georgist Journal.

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PB 40+ pages
Publisher: 2018 HGI and Robert Schalkenbach Foundation
Language: English
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