Georgist Journal No. 105


Editor: Lindy Davies

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Table of Contens

  • Chicago 2006 (Lindy Davies)
  • London 2006 (Karry Skanda)
  • Collecting Transit’s Earningand What to Do When There Aren’t Any (Adam Kerman)
  • Is Henry Georgeand Are Today’s GeorgistsWrong About Free Trade? (Lindy Davies)
  • Money, Credit and Crisis (Mason Gaffney)
  • Make Immigration a Win-Win for Everyone (Mike Curtis)
  • Nigeria’s Breathtaking Opportunity (Lindy Davies)
  • New Abridgment/Modernization of Progress and Poverty
  • Jerry Stovin, Mr. Nice Guy (Gerry Harrison)
  • By the Way: The City Wreckers (Nicholas Rosen)


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