Georgist Journal No. 112


Editor: Lindy Davies

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Table of Contents

  • Essential Transition for the Empowering of Communities (Shirley-Anne Hardy)
  • A Visit to Managua (Lindy Davies)
  • Land Value Capture and Gender (Alanna Hartzok)
  • Omitted from the Spoon River Anthology (Luke North)
  • The Eighteen-Year Real Estate Cycle (Georgist Journal Forum)
  • Jailhouse Lawyers (Review by Lindy Davies)
  • Where We Are: US GDP, First Quarter (Fred Foldvary)
  • Rent (Edmund Vance Cooke)
  • We’ve Got a Bailout Now (Bradley VanDyke)
  • By the Way: Idle Jack and Busy Bert (Diana E. Forrest)
  • The Top Ten Reasons Why It’s Not a Tax (Daniel Syddall)


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