Georgist Journal No. 115


Editor: Lindy Davies

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Table of Contents

  • Work in Progress: Letters on ‘a Georgist theory of history’
  • The IU’s 2010 Conference: A First-Timer’s Report (Michael Hawes)
  • CGO Conference Explores Tools, Strategies and Partnerships
  • Henry George Institute Update!
  • Tax Set-Off: From Negative Gearing to Blast-off! (Robert Keall)
  • That ‘The Earth Belongs to Everybody’ (Richard Giles)
  • Interest, Time and Capital (Fred Foldvary)
  • The Land Question in Europe (Edward J. Dodson)
  • Letter to My Georgist Friends (Mark Koerner)
  • After the Crash: Designing a Depression-Free Eocnomy (Review by Lindy Davies)
  • Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger (Polly Cleveland)
  • By the Way: Simplicity in Economics (Lindy Davies)


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