Georgist Journal No. 116


Editor: Lindy Davies

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Table of Contents

  • The Alodia Scrapbook: Publisher’s Interview
  • Thanksgiving Day: for both Plenty and Logic (Jeff Smith)
  • America, the Aristocracy? (Salih Hall)
  • A Million Jobless Men (Luke North)
  • Top Ten Solutions to Unemployment (Gavin Putland)
  • Closing the Virtual Frontier (Lindy Davies)
  • A Dialogue: Are Fannie and Freddie Really the Devil? (Ed Dodson & Lindy Davies)
  • A Unified Field Theory of Social Policy (Fred Foldvary)
  • Raffles Had the Winning Ticket (Mike Curtis)
  • Modeling Dynamic Macroeconomics (David Chester)
  • Intellectual Property as a Commons: A Shaker Comparison (H. William Batt)
  • By the Way: Morality and Spirituality (Shirley-Anne Hardy)


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