Georgist Journal No. 120


Editor: Lindy Davies

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Table of Contents

  • IU Conference in Buenos Aires: Housing, Land and Social Inclusion (Bill Batt)
  • Overcoming Murphy’s Law in Harrisburg (Lindy Davies)
  • Independence? Not Likely (Josh Vincent)
  • Sales Tax Destroys Commerce (Dan Sullivan)
  • Turgot’s Legacy: Our Commerce Clause (Mason Gaffney)
  • How to (Really) End this Depression: A Response to Paul Krugman (Polly Cleveland)
  • How Much Rent Is There? (Lindy Davies)
  • A Critique of Most Cirtiques of of Georgism (Jonathan Hall)
  • Stiglitz: Approaching Morality in Economics (Review by Bill Batt)
  • Prosperity Doesn’t Work: What Should Replace It and Way (Review by Lindy Davies)
  • By the Way: Anything But the Right Thing (Dan Sullivan)


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