Georgist Journal No. 121


Editor: Lindy Davies

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Table of Contents

  • Is UK LVT Support Nearing the Tipping Point? (Dave & Heather Wetzel)
  • Time to Jump Into Social Media! (Jacob Schwartz-Lucas)
  • Democracy and the US Supreme Court (Mason Gaffney)
  • Georgism and Normative Economics (Lindy Davies)
  • We Can’t Afford to Go On Like This (Reviews by Lindy Davies)
  • Point/Counterpoint: Natural Law and Wealth Distribution (H. George and J.S. Mill)
  • Economics Is Easy Once You See the Trick (Fiction by Lindy Davies)
  • The Top Ten Problems With “Corporate Personhood” (Mason Gaffney)
  • By the Way: Teaching Henry George by Correspondence (Helena Platkin)


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