Georgist Journal No. 130


Editor: Lindy Davies

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I dont imagine that many of you read National Enquirer but you probably stand in check-out lines at supermarkets, so you may have noticed that this paper is very much in Donald Trumps camp. TheEnquirers Trump, forceful and heroic, was xing national problems even before he was sworn in!

Tabloid ravings wouldnt be worth mentioning, were it not that our political situation is now lodged in the realm of the unthinkable. And this is largely due, it seems to me, to the fact that Donald Trumps appeal to the American people is on exactly the intellectual level of TheNational Enquirer. reading public is shocked at the blatant lies, the adolescent Twitter rants, the chest beating disrespect for public service but you know what? Every time Trump sticks it to those arrogant SOBs, the guy in spudsville, home from his dead-end job, feels better and cracks a beer.*

Its not really about alternative facts or fake news they’re nothing new, and the lies are easily debunked. The scarier part is when it stops mattering whether statements are true. Apparently, Trumps strategy is to lie so blatantly and so often that his supporters will no longer trust a single thing the media tells them. Here are some facts: Clinton won the popular vote by 2.8 million votes… Trumps Electoral College margin was actually the second-smallest since Ronald Reagan; the only closer one was Bush v. Gore in 2000, which was essentially a tie… the crowd at his inauguration

* Despite that, investors seem not to be very bullish on beer stocks just now biggest beer companies are all parts of international conglomerates that are skittish about border taxes.


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