Henry George: Political Ideologue, Social Philosopher and Economic Theorist (pb)

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Editor: Laurence S. Moss

The American Journal of
Economics and Sociology

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This book contains important papers on the influence of Henry George’s ideas by various Georgist scholars and some path breaking work on Henry George’s rent theory, one of such noted scholars is Mason Gaffney urging economists to keep land and its valuation part of capital theory and not as a topic completely submerged where land and rent have disappeared from view. It is not clear whether or not we have entered the age of a “Georgist revival” in economic reform and the proverbial quest for social justice. I do think that this volume and others like it will promote this development but as Ludwig M. Lachmann warned, the future while unknowable is also imaginable. Can we imagine a reworking of the entire theory of capital based on the idea of Georgist monopoly rents? This book is part of a series of Studies in Economic Reform and Social Justice of the American Journal of Economics and Sociology.


Ideology And Political Parties
Henry George’s Political Critics
By Michael Hudso

George’s Ideas In Debate
Henry George, Emile de Laveleye, and the Issue of Peasant Proprietorship
By Jerome F. Heave

Frank H. Knight’s Criticism of Henry George
By Ross B. Emmett

Social Philosophy
Apprehending the Social Philosophy of Henry George
By Charles R. McCann, Jr

Conceptual Debates Regarding Land And Rent
The Marginalists Who Confronted Land
By Fred E. Foldvary


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