Imagining a Better World: A Survey of Feminist Utopian Literature

Editor: Cliff Cobb and Alexandra W. Lough


The American Journal of
Economics and Sociology

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Selections from this current issue:

November 2018, Volume 77, Issue 5

1187-1194 Foreword Editor‐in‐Chief
by Clifford W. Cobb
1195-1208 Editor’s Introduction Imagining a Better World: A Survey of Feminist Utopian Literature
by Alexandra W. Lough
1209-1242 Mary Griffith’s Three Hundred Years Hence: Utopia, Women, and Marriage
by Lillian M. Purdy
1243-1276 Sublimating an Apocalypse: An Exploration of Anxiety, Authorship, and Feminist Theory in Mary Shelley’s The Last Man
by Olivia Zolciak
1277-1312 Eugenics in Late 19th‐Century Feminist Utopias
by Christina Lake
1313-1327 An Exploration of Femininity, Masculinity, and Racial Prejudices in Herland
by Elinor Bowers
1329-1352 Naming a Star: Ursula Le Guin’s The Dispossessed and the Reimagining of Utopianism
by Katherine Cross
1353-1376 Risk and Feminist Utopia: Radicalizing the Future
by Jeanne Cortiel
1377-1406 Writing a Better Ending: How Feminist Utopian Literature Subverts Patriarchy
by Kirsten Imani Kasai

AJES 77-5, November 2018                 PB  228  pp


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