Nature’s Gifts


Nature’s Gifts: The Australian Lectures of Henry George on the Ownership of Land and Other Natural Resources

Author: John Pullen

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In 1890, the famous American economist and social reformer, Henry George, arrived in Australia to begin a controversial 98-day public lecture tour. Following the international publicity generated by his book, Progress and Poverty, with its challenges to conventional economics, he had made several lecture tours in Britain, attracting immense audiences. In Australia, he visited 34 cities and towns and continued to promulgate vigorously and eloquently his radical program for the ownership, management and taxation of natural resources such as land, coal, and minerals.

Nature’s Gifts provides, for the first time, a detailed account of this important and progressive lecture series.

Engaging and insightful, this is a timely and critical study of the reforms proposed by Henry George and the possibility of establishing an efficient and equitable system for the ownership of natural resources.

These issues are interconnected and include:

* Equal rights to land & natural resources
* Property rights
* Land values
* Land-Value Tax
* The Single Tax
* Land nationalization
* Population decentralization
* Government devolution
* Compensation for current landowners
* Free trade or protection
* Trade unions
* Immigration from low-income countries

As more and more current scholarship is concluding: Henry George, the historical figure has great relevance to the social and political issues of today.


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