Perfect Timing


Author: Jeffery J. Smith

SKU: N6077 Category: ISBN: 978-1545326077


Crik Duvall is bewildered- in the city he thought he knew, buildings spontaneously grow, people have animal powers, smart phones truly know it all, and vehicles defy gravity. In an instant, Crik is transported to a society called Geotopia where he’s unwanted. To keep Geotopia’s past intact, the authorities must return Crik to the moment he left, a moment when he was dodging gunfire. The only way to redeem himself is to show he was vital to progressing society. With his cat-woman guide, Tepper, who could be one of his descendants, the duo dash to find out how society works so well between people and the environment. Voltak, protector of the status quo, pursues them to return Crik, the “Pastian”, back to the past before his allotted 24 hours are up. If Crik can prove he founded Geotopia, he’ll be a celebrity in his new time.

Featured on Basic Income News, Renegade Economist, and Stark Truth Radio, Perfect Timing
brings readers to learn about Henry George in a fun and exciting way.


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