Religion and the Shaping of Normative Economics


Editor: Cliff Cobb


Selections from this current issue:

March 2019, Volume 78, Issue 2

297-318 Editor’s Introduction: Religion and the Shaping of Normative Economics
by Clifford W. Cobb
319-362 Economic Religion and the Worship of Progress
by Robert H. Nelson
363-408 A Protestant Rethinking of Economics for a Healthier World
by Carol Frances Johnston
409-441 Catholicism and Economics: Towards a “Deeper Reflection on the Nature of the Economy and its Purposes”
by Charles M.A. Clark
443-491 Islam’s Gift: An Economy of Spiritual Development
by Asad Zaman
493-521 The Political Economy of Confucian Harmony: A Xunzian Vision
by Sungmoon Kim
523-560 The Reality and Diversity of Buddhist Economics
by Wolfgang Drechsler

AJES 78-2, March 2019                 PB 267 pp
2019, AJES and Wiley     RSF PRICE $10


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