Responding to the Cumulative Damage of Racism

Editor: Cliff Cobb


The American Journal of
Economics and Sociology

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Selections from this current issue:

* Cracking the Racial Code: Black Threat, White Rights, and the Lexicon of American Politics, Dylan Bennett and Hannah Walker
* The Five Refusals of White Surpremacy, Andrea Gibbons
* The Destruction of Black Wall Street: Tulsa’s 1921 Riot and the Eradication of Accumulated Wealth, Chris M. Messer, Thomas E. Shriver, and Alison E. Adams
* The War on Drugs, Racial Meanings, and Structural Racism: A Holistic and Reproductive Approach, Michael L. Rosino and Matthew W. Hughey
* Land Gains, Land Losses: The Odyssey of African Americans Since Reconstruction,Waymon R. Hinsom
* The History of Residential Segregation in the United States, Title Viii, and the Homeownership Remedy, Teron McGrew
* Mass Incarceration and Racial Inequality, Becky Pettit and Carmen Gutierrez

AJES 77-34, September 2018                 PB 601 pp


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