The Annotated Works of Henry George: Vol. 2


Author: Henry George
Editors: Francis Peddle and William Pierce

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Volume 2: Progress and Poverty

Volume II of The Annotated Works of Henry George presents the unabridged text of Progress and Poverty, the most influential work. The original text is supplemented by a new index and by notes that explain textual changes George made during his lifetime, as well as his many references to history, literature, and economics.

The introduction, The Rhetoric and the Remedy, by series co-editor William S. Peirce, provides an overview of the historical context of P&P, and of George’s argument within the framework of the economic theories of his day. It also looks at responses by leading economists and opinion makers to George’s fervent and eloquent call for economic justice.

Progress and Poverty sought to identify and resolve the great paradox of industrial life. How was it possible for abject poverty and servitude, financial and political instability, and extreme economic inequality to coexist with rising productivity and technological progress? This question is as relevant now as when George first engaged with it. As his granddaughter, Agnes de Mille, concluded in her 1979 introduction, also in this new edition: We are on the brink. It is possible to have another Dark Ages. With George, there is a voice of hope.




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