The Growing Failure of the Neoclassical Paradigm in Economics

Editor: Cliff Cobb and Alberto Ruiz‐Villaverde

The American Journal of
Economics and Sociology

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Selections from this current issue:

January 2019, Volume 78, Issue 1

5-12 Foreword Editor‐in‐Chief
by Clifford W. Cobb
13-34 Editor’s Introduction: The Growing Failure of the Neoclassical Paradigm in Economics
by Alberto Ruiz‐Villaverde
35-62 From Economics to Political Economy: Contradictions, Challenge, and Change
by Frank Stilwell
63-93 A Critical Review of Homo Economicus from Five Approaches
by Dante A. Urbina & Alberto Ruiz‐Villaverde
95-135 The New Microeconomics: A Psychological, Institutional, and Evolutionary Paradigm with Neoclassical Economics as a Special Case
by Brendan Markey‐Towler
137-166 Feminist Economics: Theoretical and Political Dimensions
by Astrid Agenjo‐Calderón & Lina Gálvez‐Muñoz
167-193 The Euro System as a Laboratory for Neoliberalism: The Case of Spain
by Fernando López‐Castellano & Fernando García‐Quero
195-223 The Debate on Pension Systems: The Paradigmatic Cases of Chile and Spain
by Xabier Arrizabalo Montoro & Mario del Rosal & F. Javier Murillo Arroyo
225-254 Why Regulation Is Needed in Emerging Markets in the Tourism Sector
by Jose María Martín‐Martín & María S. Ostos‐Rey & Jose A. Salinas‐Fernández
255-290 Historical Significance of Labor’s Increased Precariousness in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain
by Xabier Arrizabalo & Patricia Pinto & Lucía Vicent


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