The New School of Economics


The Platform and Theory Behind the New Physiocrats

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Author: Philip Allan

The New Physiocrats (The New Physiocratic League) are a political-economic framework and certification body. They are a movement established on a new way of economic thinking, what they refer to as the “New School of Economics.” The New Physiocrats have finally managed to reconcile the concerns of the left and right, through a new way of political-economic thinking, rooted in the original Physiocracy and Georgism.


Philip Allan (1988) was born in Toronto, Canada. He attended the University of Waterloo (Canada) for Geography and Business, and later the University of London (UK), SOAS for Macroeconomic Policy. He was employed as an Economic Policy Analyst for the Government of Canada, first through a government-owned think tank, Policy Horizons Canada, and then at Industry Canada’s Economic Research and Policy Analysis Branch. He is currently residing in Europe, employed in the private sector (fin-tech, brokerage) where he maintains a strong interest in policy.

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ISBN: 978-1980450771
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