The Predator Culture


Author: Fred Harrison

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The Systemic Roots and Intent of Organised Violence

Fred Harrison draws on global-wide case studies to show how the violent birth of nation-states, whether the result of territorial conquests or colonialism, splits the population into two classes, victors and vanquished. This division is then perpetuated and legitimated through the system of land tenure. The pathological consequences as diverse as failed states, organised crime (mafia), religious fundamentalism and the re-emergence of piracy are the result of the violent uprooting of the original inhabitants from their homelands.

Understanding the territorial basis of political power and wealth is the pre-requisite, Harrison argues, for making sense of issues as diverse as genocide, narco-gangsterism, terrorism and fascism. The struggle over land and resources, he contends, is at the root of all of today’s global crises. Some attempts are being made to restore land to those in need, ranging from the offer of land in Afghanistan to the Taliban as an inducement to set aside their violent strategies, to the sharing of the rents of oil in Nigeria to entice eco-warriors into mainstream politics. But these piecemeal tactics fail to synthesise the conditions for peace and prosperity.


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