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The Standard was the weekly paper highlighting news and viewpoints from Henry George’s Single Tax movement during the height of its fervor in New York City. Starting with a strong defense of the “radical” priest and Henry George supporter Rev. Dr. Edward McGlynn, the paper ran for five years (1887-92). Here it is in its entirety.

These files are in pdf format from photo copies Robert Schalkenbach Foundation

The two-DVD set of The Standard, the weekly newspaper that chronicled news and events from a Georgist perspective in New York City between 1887 and 1892.
Two DVD’s
DVD-1 has 209 issues of The Standard
DVD-2 has 87 issues of The Standard.

Sample of The Standard First issue (note it’s a large file 20MB)

Sample of The Standard No. 13 (note it’s a large file 20MB)


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