The Troubled State of Populism

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Editor: Clifford W. Cobb and Alexandra W. Lough


Selections from this current issue:

May 2019, Volume 78, Issue 3

567-572 Foreword Editor‐in‐Chief
by Clifford W. Cobb
573-591 Editor’s Introduction: The Troubled State of Populism
by Alexandra W. Lough
593-619 Populism and the Populists: The Incoherent Coherence of Coxey’s March
by Jerry Prout
621-647 The Nevada Water Law of 1913: A Populist Response to Progressivism
by Richard A. McFarlane
649-674 Agrarian Populism in the 19th Century: Four Sources of Partial Success
by David Giesen
675-715 Populism and Conspiracy: A Historical Synthesis of American Countersubversive Narratives
by Nathan Jessen
717-739 Populism in South America: Democratic Panacea or Pitfall?
by Robert Nyenhuis
741-759 Populism and British Stories of Decline
by Joshua Murphy
761-786 Ethnography and the Making of “The People”: Uncovering Conservative Populist Politics in the United States
by Claudine M. Pied
787-834 Modern American Populism: Analyzing the Economics Behind the “Silent Majority,” the Tea Party, and Trumpism
by Willis Patenaude

AJES 78-3, May 2019                 PB 271 pp
2019, AJES and Wiley     RSF PRICE $10


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