Tolstoy’s Spiritual Economics – Vol 2; Trilogy


Author: Henry George
Editor: Kenneth Wenzer

SKU: N2-91-8 Category: ISBN: 978-1878822918


Volume Two presents a comprehensive collection and examination of writings by Leo Tolstoy, who was greatly influenced by George’s teachings. Tolstoy advocated non-violent resistance to the State, and equal access to land by means of community ownership of ground-rent.

Scholars have tended to regard Tolstoy as a disciple of no one except a secularised Jesus, but Henry George was a strong influence; for example, Tolstoy devoted a large portion of his later life to the promulgation of the `single tax’ (a main tenet of George’s philosophy) as a viable solution to suffering from falsity, greed, poverty, and bankrupt ideologies. The work examined in this volume is a testimony to both Tolstoy and George; it bears witness to a practical, economic and non-violent approach to the organisation of society, free from the domination of individuals, institutions, and mobs. KENNETH C. WENZERis an independent scholar specialising in the study of Henry George, Tolstoy, and Russian history.


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