For almost a century, RSF has been publishing works focused on the applications and history of the ideas of Henry George written for popular and academic audiences.  Many titles are featured in our online library of Henry George’s works.

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Additional RSF supported published works include:

American Journal of Economics and Sociology – The American Journal of Economics and Sociology (AJES) was founded in 1941, with support from the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, to encourage the development of transdisciplinary solutions to social problems. In the introduction to the first issue, John Dewey observed that “the hostile state of the world and the intellectual division that has been built up in so-called ‘social science,’ are … reflections and expressions of the same fundamental causes.”  Dewey commended this journal for its intention to promote “synthesis in the social field.”

Works published by, or supported by, RSF:

A Perplexed Philosopher
Crumbling Foundations
Democracy vs Socialism
Henry George – Barker
Libertarian Party at Sea on Land
New Life in Old Cities – Gaffney
Progreso y Miseria Unabridged
Progreso Y Pobreza – Edited by Bob Drake
Progress & Poverty – Drake
Progress and Poverty Abridged
Protection or Free Trade Abridged
Rent as Public Revenue
Social Statics 1995 Ed
The Land Question
The Science of Political Economy Abridged
The Self-Supporting City
Rebel, Priest, & Prophet
Henry George: Dreamer or Realist?
Selected Articles Harry Gunnison Brown/ Brown

Other Languages
Progres Et Pauvrete – French
Progresso E Poverta Ital.
Un Filosofo Perplejo
Schutz oder Freihandel
Proteccion o Libre-Cambio
Problemas Sociales
La Ciencia de la Economia Politica/Edition 2005
Progreso y Miseria madison
Socialize Probleme
Protection ou Libre-Échange