Research Papers

1. Adapting Land Taxation to Chinese Institutions (Nic Tideman, consultant) PDF

2. China‘s Looming Economic Crisisby Cliff Cobb PDF

3. We Dream our Dream Still”: Ruralism, Empire and Contemporary Reactions to New Australia in Britain by Anthony Taylor PDF

4. Animal Spirits and the Future of the Macroeconomy: Lessons from the Past by Neil Niman PDF

5. The London Congestion Charge Scheme by Dave Wetzel PDF

6. A Hard Landing for Virtual War: Iraq, Land and Insurgency by Jonathan Mendel PDF

7. The Global Crisis According to Stiglitz: A Critique of the Stiglitz Report by Fred Harrisonm PDF

8. Summary of Land Value Tax Reform Efforts in Philadelphia PA: 1980 to the Present by HGFA (Joshua Vincent) PDF

9. A Plan for Green Taxes and Common Assets in the State of Vermontby Gary Flomenhoft (Gund Institite). PDF


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