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The RSF is a Private Operating Foundation (POF) incorporated in the state of New York.  The Foundation is fortunate to have some funds to support its operations and programming left to it by its founder and namesake, Robert Schalkenbach. 

Given our multi-part mission focused on the broad areas of education, communities, outreach, and publishing, your support is always welcome, and always put to good use!

Support Greatest Needs

As projects and programs evolve, so to do the financial resources needed to sustain them.  

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Support Education

Whether its partnering with educational organizations to create new programming, hiring interns to advance technical projects, or sponsoring the efforts of leading researchers, RSF is committed to advancing education.  

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Support Outreach

RSF actively promotes its efforts and raises awareness of the ideas of Henry George among the public at large, as well as target audiences in greatest need of our message.  

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Support Publishing

RSF is committed to making the works of Henry George widely available, and to continuing to support the production of new works that help translate George’s ideas into modern contexts for modern audiences.  

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Schalkenbach Circle

Planned giving is a major sustaining force for RSF and is simpler to set up than you might think!

Whether through a bequest, a gift of stock, or other planned contribution, you have the ability to direct your support to the area(s) you find most valuable, and will join our esteemed “Schalkenbach Circle” – a place reserved for some of our most critical supporters.

For one-on-one support in exploring the ways you might join the Schalkenbach Circle, contact [email protected]