“We want to win, not just be clever!”

Dear Concerned Citizens,

We are broad-shouldered so please be frank in explaining why you chose not to subscribe to this monthly helping of sharp, landed insights. We want to win, not just be clever, so please write or phone what stopped you from subscribing.

Perhaps we are seen as mere purveyors of light economic entertainment.  But we are not standing on street corners selling the Big Issue.  Our stuff is bigger.  Our issue is simply that we are all land animals and without it we falter as human beings.  And what to do about that?

It is deadly serious that without land nearly 33% of our human rights are diluted, if not choked; we can only be 67% human.  These are the right to life, dignity, equity, work and freedom especially from slavery and forced labour; to housing, safety, clean environments, health and education.

So what the South African Constitutional Property Rights Foundation (SACPRIF) and our sister the Land, Tax and Money Constitutionalists (LTMC) sets out to do is not to just highlight the panaceaic, if not Utopian propensities, of our Constitution but to invite you to help steer this great ship into harbour. Give it a tug.

So far our record stands up to severe scrutiny. 

  • SACPRIF takes credit for the passing of sec 25 in the Bill of Rights for Property in 1996 – a blue print for an economic miracle like the Asian Tigers.
  • We have recently influenced the ANC decision to include land taxes on unused land in their June policy documents.  But we are not responsible for them taking twenty years to see that the zoning regulations demand that land is used, not held for windfall gains.  For if all land were used there would be no involuntary unemployment.
  • Kyle Mandy, director of tax policy at PwC, informs us that behind the scenes the Davis Tax Committee acknowledges the extreme economic distortions of taxing private work and wealth. He assures us that the taxation of land rents will happen, but slowly.
  • Judge Davis does not sue Meakin when Biznews correctly reports Meankin’s slander that he is disingenuous and dishonest. But he has promised to take another look at his macro-report if we can show him that land rents will match the R1.26 trillion income taxes and vat in 2017/18.  A sort of “Is the Pope a Catholic” question? His report is woeful in citing the UK Mirrlees report “Tax by Design” fourteen times but leaving out Chapter 16 on property taxes, which encourages the introduction of land taxes in place of income taxes and vat.
  • On 7th March a provisional application was filed with the Registrar of the Constitutional Court for SACPRIF to become an amicus curiae. We were not admitted but we would have explained that SASSA grants are a wasteful and useless expenditure because if everyone had some land (as sec 25.5 demands) they would be some three times better off fending for themselves than accepting state charity.
  • And we will soon know if a local parish will appoint us to petition the Municipality for 40ha of arable land where 300 families can hand-build a security village with 900sqm subdivisions.

We need your support to continue our work.  For a donation of R2400pa you will get the following:

  • Free attendance to our monthly meetings
  • Upfront notice on all new blog posts
  • Receive regular mailer updates on land, tax and money issues
  • When the taxes on work and wealth are replaced with land rents your name will be registered as a SACPRIF member in the British Library and the USA Library of Congress
  • The Henry George Single Land Tax is a world-wide movement.  News of its activities and affiliates as well as links can be found at the website of the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation www.schalkenbach.org

Each R2400pa donation will be used to fund the following:

  • R100pm for advocacy in the press and Parliament
  • R80pm to a legal sinking fund
  • R20pm to SACPRIF overheads.

Donation are payable in advance and tax deductible. Bank details can be found below.

Name of Bank: First National Bank
Address: Vineyard Rd. Claremont, South Africa, 7708
Branch Number: 204209
Account Name: SACPRIF
Account Type: Business Cheque Account
Account Number: 62176622621
Reference: Your surname

Please fax confirmation to:
(+27) 086 603 4349 or email to: [email protected]

Monthly Meeting
The monthly March meeting is held over until 27th April.

Please spread the word and Forward to a Friend
Peter Meakin
Registered Valuer
Member SA Institute of Valuers
Chairman SACPRIF Management Committee
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