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Information about the 2023-24 Progress of Ideas Scholarships is now available.
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The Robert Schalkenbach Foundation is committed to realizing Henry George’s vision of a world in which progress does not beget poverty, but instead eliminates it through just public policies that recognize the basic equality of all people, our common claim to the Earth’s resources, and the inherent value of community.

In Memoriam: H. William Batt, Ph.D

RSF is saddened and mourning the loss of our beloved board member H. William Batt, Ph.D. Bill was known as a committed Georgist who lived up to the high bar Henry George set. Bill served on RSF's board from 2002 to 2011 and rejoined the board in 2015 up until his passing. We will miss him.

H. William Batt, Ph.D., was the Executive Director of the Central Research Group, Inc. in Albany, NY. He was a university professor until 1981 and served on the New York State Legislative Tax Study Commission until 1992. After early retirement that year, he committed his life to economic justice, actively exploring Georgist political and economic philosophy. He dedicated his time to research, publication, and advocacy, focusing on the utility of land value maps, property tax affairs in New York, and other matters. From 1962 to 1965, he served as one of Thailand's earliest Peace Corps Volunteers, was a political candidate twice, and founded and led the NYS Hemlock Society for a decade. Bill also served on the boards of the Center for the Study of Economics, the Henry George School of New York, the International Union for Land-Value Taxation, and the committee for the annual CGO conference.

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Presentation Recordings: 2022 Progress of Ideas Symposium

RSF is proud to have sponsored three outstanding presentations for our 2022 Progress of Ideas Symposium. You can view the recordings of these presentations focused on unique research by the scholars in our cohort by viewing the playlist with all three sessions on our YouTube channel. You can also view our Sponsored Research page to learn about our next cohort of researchers and the ideas they are currently exploring.


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