Our Request for Proposals comes from our Progress of Ideas Grant Program where we are awarding up to $10,000 for prospective recipients to complete research in areas such as economic equity, taxation, land use, and other issues related to our founding mission.

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RSF’s Progress of Ideas Scholarship Program echoes that original organizational charge in its focus on economic equity and social justice, and its drive to discern and challenge the drivers of inequality in our systems of governance and taxation.
Our program is administered by Scholarship America®.

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The Robert Schalkenbach Foundation Library focuses on the work of the renowned American economist and social reformer Henry George. Our library holdings are varied to include books, essays, pamphlets, maps, newspapers, newsletters and journals.

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The Center for Property Tax Reform (CPTR) is RSF's research arm in-conjunction with the Center for the Study of Economics (CSE). CPTR's efforts are designed to provide customized consulting and quantitative analysis of community-specific tax data for elected officials, nonprofit organizations, and interested citizens.

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