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Our Key Issues

Resource Rents and Value Capture

The gifts of nature are our most precious resource, so it is vital that we know where natural resources rents are flowing. At RSF, we are interested in measuring these resource rents and finding ways to efficiently capture them, so that the fruits of nature may be shared by all members of the community.

Land and Property Taxation

How we fund our city governments can have a huge impact on the vibrancy of our neighborhoods and the financial burdens faced by hard-working families. At RSF, through Resource Justice, our research program, we investigate the ways in which taxing land and exempting buildings can help reward efficient land use, discourage land speculation, and ultimately make the tax system more fair.

Land Use and Housing

Access to secure shelter in a desirable location is our most vital consumption decision, with housing being the largest expense for most families. At RSF, through Resource Justice, our research program, we study how land use decisions determine who can afford access to the scarce land in our thriving cities, and look for ways to create thriving and diverse neighborhoods, with inclusive and affordable access to housing for everyone.

Environment and Climate Change

Climate change is a critical challenge this century, and we must urgently secure the sustainable use of our scarce environmental resources. Our perspective responds to these challenges by finding research that supports policies which can repair our essential ecosystems and foster the sustainable stewardship of the planet for all members of present and future generations.

Land Use and Housing: Featured Reports