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Sponsored Research

Apply Now: 2024-25 Progress of Ideas Grant

We are seeking applications on a wide array of topics related to the works, policy solutions, and political and ethical implications of Henry George, including land value taxation, economic justice, free trade, and contributing to the public good without exacerbating inequality.  Click below to learn more and apply now; the deadline for applications is April 12, 2024.

We do not accept solicitations for funding outside of our grant cycles.

The 2024-2025 Progress of Ideas Grantees

Read below to learn more about our latest group of scholars who will be engaged in innovative research across a variety of different fields and disciplines related to our mission to advance Georgist ideas and thought relevant to contemporary issues and social concerns.

Vincent Cannizaro

Vincent Cannizzaro

Pennsylvania Economy League

"The Impact of Tax-Exempt Properties on Municipalities in Pennsylvania"

Zhou Yang

Zhou Yang

Robert Morris University

"Land Value Taxation and Urban Sprawl: What Can We Learn from the Pennsylvania Experience?"

Nestor Garza

Nestor Garza

California State University

"The Implicit Spatial and Dynamic Land Value Subsidy accrued to Proposition 13 in Los Angeles Metropolitan Area"

Mi Shih & Kathe Newman

Mi Shih & Kathe Newman

Rutgers University

"Public Benefits and Private Profits: Negotiating Public Private Land Development and Equity in New Taipei City and New York City"

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You can help support our efforts to provide grants and funding for innovative research related to our mission like the presentations featured above. 

Progress of Ideas: Sponsored Research Archives

Learn more about our past recipients of the Progress of Ideas Grant and their innovative research and presentations across a variety of different fields and disciplines related to our mission.  You can also view recordings of their presentations highlighting the results of their research sponsored by our grant funding in our recent Progress of Ideas virtual symposium series.

Other Research Supported by RSF

Tufts University’s Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning (UEP) will develop a conceptual model for how to deploy a ‘decentralized autonomous organization’ (DAOs) in Swampscott, Massachusetts, home to 13,800 residents, 15 miles from Boston. UEP will draw on emerging scholarship and literature in the field to work in partnership with local officials to design and develop a prototype of a blockchain-based DAO that allows Swampscott residents to create a new model for affordable housing, particularly focused on using public land for non-financialized housing.

National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education (NCSG) at the University of Maryland will develop a Proof-of-Concept Land Value model in Baltimore City, Maryland. NCSG will create a database of parcel-level property and contextual variables throughout the case study area. They will develop a regression-based statistical model estimating land value as a function of property and contextual variables. 

Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning of Rutgers, The State University, will investigate investor acquisition of residential properties in a cross-section of New Jersey municipalities to better understand the scale, geography, and impact of this phenomenon for poor and working-class households, especially households of color. This effort complement the broader New Jersey State of Affordable Rental Housing (NJSOARH) research project, which is supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The 2023 - 2024 Progress of Ideas Grantees

Professor Hallie Eakin

School of Sustainability
Arizona State University

"Reconciling urban growth with water scarcity: Limits to adaptation or opportunity for policy innovation?"

Jonathan Lamb, Ph.D Candidate and Assistant Policy Analyst

Pardee RAND Graduate School,
RAND Corporation

"Positive spillovers under a land value tax system: Exploring incentive-based mechanisms for equitable and sustainable land use."

Francesco Ruggieri, Ph.D Candidate

University of Chicago,
Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics

"Property Taxes and Spatial Mobility: Evidence from Local Governments in the U.S."

The 2022 - 2023 Progress of Ideas Grantees

Sophie McManus

Doctoral Student
University of Maryland

"Measuring Opportunity Zone Outcomes and the Role of Gentrification"

Thomas Daniels, Ph.D.

Weitzman Professor
University of Pennsylvania

"The California Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation Program: Evaluating the Use of Cap-and-Trade Funds to Promote Climate Mitigation and Adaptation."

The 2021 - 2022 Progress of Ideas Grantees

Elora Lee Raymond, Ph.D

Assistant Professor
School of City and Regional Planning, Georgia Tech

Speculative Real Estate Investment in Housing following COVID-19 and the influence of State and Local Tax Policy

Michael Guttentag, Ph.D

Professor of Law
Loyola Law School

Law, Surplus, Market Regulation, and Inequality

Enrico Rubolino, Ph.D

Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Does Informality Deter Tax Progressivity? Evidence from the 'Ghost Buildings' Program

Our Research Grants

The Robert Schalkenbach Foundation is proud to support research efforts and innovative scholarship in fields and disciplines related to our mission. Our research grants are typically up to $10,000, including a maximum of 10% overhead costs. At this time there are no grant opportunities available; information about additional opportunities will be posted shortly. Please check back regularly for more information on research topics, eligibility criteria, and deliverables. All future grant opportunities will also be publicized in our newsletter and through our social media - please sign up for our communications to receive the most up to date information.

Annotated Works of Henry George

This series, which is six volumes in length, is published by Rowman & Littlefield publishing and is sponsored by RSF.

  • Volume 1: Our Land and Land Policy and Other Works
  • Volume 2: Progress and Poverty
  • Volume 3: Social Problems and Condition of Labor
  • Volume 4: Protection or Free Trade
  • Volume 5: The Science of Political Economy
  • Volume 6: A Perplexed Philosopher

The Henry George Foundation of Great Britain also provides support for the publication of this series.

RSF Staff Contact

Nadine Thompson

Program Manager