Henry George, 1839-1897

Who We Are

The Robert Schalkenbach Foundation (RSF) was organized as an operating foundation in 1925 to promote public awareness of the social philosophy and economic reforms advocated by Henry George (1839-1897), including the “single tax on land values“. To this end RSF publishes and distributes books and articles, particularly those of Henry George, including his classic work, Progress and Poverty. This and other works can be found in our online library.

In addition, the Foundation conducts scholarly research and carries out other projects to promote the principles of Henry George as they apply to issues of current interest.

Described below are other activities and projects that the Foundation engages in.

RSF is a sponsor of The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, which was founded in 1941 by Will Lissner who was inspired by Henry George’s pioneering work in constructive synthesis of the social sciences. In cooperation with RSF and wiley Publishers, the Journal has launched a series of books called Studies in Economic Reform and Social Justice. These books can be found in the Foundation’s library.

In its capacity as an advocate for economic justice, RSF conducts research, holds conferences, and engages in other activities intended to increase both scholarly and public awareness of the ideas contained in Henry George’s works. To accomplish its research agenda, RSF hires individuals (professors, graduate students, and others) on a contract basis to investigate questions and publish papers of relevance to the mission of the Foundation. Individuals who are interested in analyzing the application of Georgist thought to scholarly issues in the humanities and the social sciences should send a brief e-mail to [email protected].

The Foundation also participates in and gives support to the larger Georgist movement for economic justice by working with sympathetic organizations.