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Research Briefs on Land Value Tax

At Resource Justice, we help inform people about how land value tax (LVT) can confront crucial social problems like rising rents, speculative property cycles and widening wealth inequality. In these conversations, we encounter common concerns such as “won’t landlords just respond to LVT by raising the rent?” and “can land values even be measured?”.

In this series of research briefs on LVT, we tackle each of these important questions in turn: exploring different theoretical perspectives, summarizing empirical evidence, drawing conclusions from current research, and charting a path forward for future studies on each topic.

Search through the links below to learn more regarding these vital questions about land value tax!

Proposals to implement land value taxes often face resistance from folks concerned that landlords will simply pass the tax on to tenants by increasing rents. In this brief we explore the theory and evidence on where the burden of LVT falls, and suggest pathways to further research on this important question.