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A Long-Time Partner, A New Partnership

The Robert Schalkenbach Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of the “Center for Property Tax Reform” (CPTR), a new, joint undertaking with our long-time collaborator, the Center for the Study of Economics (CSE) in Philadelphia.

Those of you who know CSE, and its Executive Director Josh Vincent, know that their experience and expertise working with community leaders and promoting the¬†adoption of Land Value Taxes (LVT) and two-rate property tax systems are unparalleled. Recognizing the importance of this unique, hands-on approach, RSF has long supported CSE’s efforts. With the creation of CPTR, however, we’ll go far beyond just providing monetary support, by entering into a genuine partnership with our esteemed colleague.

Under the banner of CPTR, Josh, Brendan Hennigan (RSF Program Director), and I, will orchestrate an ambitious program of outreach, coupled with the creation of customized case studies and impact assessments, as a way to raise awareness among state and local officials, community groups, and other target audiences, of the potential benefits they could realize by adopting smarter tax policies.

Josh Vincent, Josie Faass, and Brendan Hennigan at the National Conference of State Legislatures annual conference in Nashville in July, 2019.

What exactly will this look like? Well, a lot will depend on the location. In some states – like Ohio – it’s actually illegal to impose different tax rates on land and improvements. In others – like New York – there are no legal barriers, but the one implementation to date failed. So we’ll be taking our cues from place-specific obstacles and opportunities, and of course, working within our legally-defined constraints as a Private Operating Foundation.

Needless to say, we’re excited for this new undertaking, and look forward to providing updates on our progress in the coming weeks and months!

And if you can’t wait to learn more about CPTR or would like to share our information with new audiences, visit us on the web at:


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