On October 7th, 2019, Josie Faass (RSF ED), Josh Vincent (Center for the Study of Economics ED), and Marty Rowland participated in an expert panel presentation, moderated by Alan Feinberg, titled, “Negotiating Change: Balancing Development, Climate Change, and Preservation in Maryland.” Josie’s presentation gave participants an overview of LVT; Josh’s focused on how smarter taxation could aid in Baltimore’s redevelopment

The panel was well attended and included a lively question and answer session. Follow-up with several representatives of Maryland towns in attendance is underway.

APA Panelists from Left to Right: Alan Feinberg, Marty Rowland, Josh Vincent, Josie Faass

Original Event Details were as follow:

APA Maryland will be holding its 2019 Biennial Conference from October 6th through 8th at the Rocky Gap Casino • Resort in Cumberland, Maryland. Our conference theme is Negotiating Change: Balancing Development, Climate Change, and Preservation in Maryland. As a small, densely-populated state, Maryland is in a constant struggle to find and keep this balance in both its urban and rural areas.

Monday, October 07 – 02:00PM to 03:30PM

Alan Feinberg, RA, AICP, Joshua Vincent, Josie Faass, Rick Rybeck

Reuse of existing infrastructure in municipalities that need and want development faces difficulty in attracting builders, residents, and commerce without depending on tax credits, subsidies, or abatements. Land value taxation (or land value recapture) is a program that re-tools the primary source of municipal revenue: the property tax. Using case studies and attendees’ experience will demonstrate the idea that stressing the assessed value of the land for municipal revenue leads to stability, more construction, and more rehabilitation of existing structures.

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