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Artificial intelligence is slated to disrupt 4.5 million jobs for African Americans, who have a 10% greater likelihood of automation-based job loss than other workers

Oct 7, 2019
Top Image by sujin soman from Pixabay

  • Automation and AI will disrupt — meaning kill or replace with lower-paying work — 4.5 million jobs held by African Americans by 2030, the consultancy McKinsey estimates.
  • African American workers are at a 10% higher risk to losing their jobs from automation than the general population.
  • Black men without a college degree are particularly vulnerable to job loss, while black women will fare better than even general white and Asian American populations.

Automation and AI are coming for jobs
— and African American workers are particularly at risk.

African American workers will have higher rates of job displacement than the general US population due to automation, according to a new report by the consultancy McKinsey

“There is an elevated risk to the African American workforce to modernization, automation, and the global shift that exists in this modern economy,” McKinsey partner and report co-author Jason Wright tells Business Insider. 

While 22% of all jobs in the total workforce will get “disrupted,” meaning either killed or replaced by lower-paying work, it’s 10% higher for the African American workforce. That means 4.5 million black jobs could be displaced by 2030 without any intervention, according to McKinsey.

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