RSF’s Next Chapter

With new leadership come new ideas and directionss, and together with the Board of Directors, I’ve spent the first few months of my tenure as Executive Director identifying our priority areas and activities for the next three years.  Some are brand new, others are an extension of efforts begun long ago, but all represent a continued commitment to our founding mission, and to creating a world of liberty and equality of opportunity arising from economic, social, and environmental justice.
Those familiar with RSF know that we’ve been involved in publishing and book distribution for a long time.  In the next few years we’ll focus on supporting the creation of even more scholarly and popular content, digitizing our existing collections into a free online database, and on converting all of our titles to e-book and print on demand formats for ease of distribution.  
Another major area of activity in RSF’s future will be on outreach – outreach to the Georgist community and to those who don’t (yet) consider themselves Georgist, but who share our ideals, priorities, and belief that everyone will benefit from the implementation of more sound tax and trade policies at the local, national, and global levels. Key to our success in these efforts will be the formation of partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals who can help us amplify and propagate our ideas into new spheres of influence, and we look forward to strengthening existing ties and to creating many new ones.
RSF will also be more engaged in direct advocacy to communities and elected officials.  We want to see the ideas of Henry George implemented in as many places as possible, and that won’t happen if decision makers don’t have ready access to experts, data, and customized analyses.  Who better to provide this kind of support than us?
Education is an area in which the Foundation has long been active, and one on which we will remain focused.  By providing support to educators and students of all ages, we will work to continue to share the wisdom of Henry George and like-minded thinkers.
Finally, and perhaps less visibly to the outside world, we’ll work to optimize our own operations and grow our resources, thereby enhancing our efficiency and impact.  
At the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, we recognize that although the ideas of Henry George are timeless, now is the time to implement them.  With our 100 year anniversary around the corner, we are excited to start this new chapter, with new leadership and a newly-defined organizational vision.
I invite you to explore this website now, and as it continues to evolve in the coming weeks, months, and years.  The refreshed look and content are meant to invite new audiences to experience the ideas of Henry George for the first time, while still providing the kinds of information and resources that have proven valuable to scholars, Georgists, and intellectually curious visitors for years.
At RSF, we know that once you “see the cat,” you realize “it’s all cat,” and are committed to facilitating this fundamental shift in the way we view the world and our unique place in it.  

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