Works by Other Authors

Robert V. Andelson: The Earth Is The Lord’s
Robert V. Andelson: Henry George And The Reconstruction Of Capitalism
H. William Batt: The Compatibility Of Georgist Economics And Ecological Economics
H. William Batt: The Tax Solution
Clifford Cobb & Jonathan Rowe: How The Income Tax Became A Tax On Labor
Mike Curtis: Tax Reform
Samuel Danziger: Traditional tunes and nursery rhymes with a Georgist theme.
M. Mason Gaffney: Great Expectations
M. Mason Gaffney: Europe’s Fatal Affair with VAT
M. Mason Gaffney: Containment Policies For Urban Sprawl
M. Mason Gaffney: Full Employment And The Environment
M. Mason Gaffney: Henry George 100 Years Later: The Great Reconciler
M. Mason Gaffney: The Great Crash of 2008
M. Mason Gaffney: Land Planning And The Property Tax
M. Mason Gaffney: Opportunities For International Financial Centers In The 21st Century
M. Mason Gaffney: The Property Tax Is A Progressive Tax
M. Mason Gaffney: Study Guide, Henry George’s Progress and Poverty
M. Mason Gaffney: The Taxable Capacity of Land & The Dead Weight of Taxation
M. Mason Gaffney: The Taxable Surplus Of Land
M. Mason Gaffney: The Triangle Of Global Power Intro Bib123456
M. Mason Gaffney: Who Owns Southern California?
Agnes George De Mille: Who Was Henry George?
Damon Gross: Land and Human Endowments
Fred Harrison: Boom Bust (In Bookstore)
Fred Harrison: Hubble Bubble, Toil & Trouble
Fred Harrison: The Land Monopoly Game
Fred Harrison: The Silver Bullet (in the Bookstore)
Fred Harrison: Wheels of Fortune
Dr. Michael Hudson: The Lost Tradition of Biblical Debt Cancellations
Kris Feder: Progress And Poverty Today Introduction to New Abridged Edition, 1997
Fred E. Foldvary: The Ultimate Tax Reform: Public Revenue from Land Rent
C. Lowell Harriss: Who Should Support Property Tax Reform Along Georgist Lines — and Why?
Stephen Meintjes & Michael Jacques: The Trial of Chaka Dlamini
Francis K. Peddle, Ph. D.: Philosophies of Integration
Warren Samuels: Henry George’s Challenge To The Economics Profession
Nicolaus Tideman: Global Economic Justice The Shape of a World Inspired by Henry George
Nicolaus Tideman: Immigration
Nicolaus Tideman: International Obligations
Nicolaus Tideman: Money
Nicolaus Tideman: Punishment
Nicolaus Tideman: Global Economic Justice
Nicolaus Tideman: Global Justice (Some Mathematics)
Nicolaus Tideman: World Ownership
Nicolaus Tideman: Land value taxation benefits the economy