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Henry George

The Henry George Theorem

By Nicolaus Tideman “The Henry George Theorem” is the name that economists have given to the postulate that, under certain circumstances, a public service will increase land rent[1] enough that, if the increase in land rent is collected as public revenue, this revenue will sufficient… Read More »The Henry George Theorem

RSF’s Next Chapter

By: Josie Faass With new leadership come new ideas and directions, and together with the Board of Directors, I’ve spent the first few months of my tenure as Executive Director identifying our priority areas and activities for the next three years.  Some are brand new,… Read More »RSF’s Next Chapter

A Captive Audience

In his own words, Mike’s story of his work with inmates. After teaching the Henry George classes in Arden for about ten years, I started teaching classes in the Delaware prisons. That was 1980. I had Henry George literature at a community booth in Wilmington… Read More »A Captive Audience

Henry George’s Remedy

Common Property in Land. “We must make land common property,” Henry George declared. That loaded statement has often been taken out of context. It frequently led to George being lumped in with “the socialists” (who, for their part, strongly disagreed with George; Karl Marx referred to… Read More »Henry George’s Remedy